Catalog Help

Welcome to the new catalog, powered by Aspen Discovery! Enjoy a new browsing experience that makes it easier than ever to find what you're looking for.

Some key features include:

  • Physical and digital items show together in the same result.
  • Discover readalikes and similar items.
  • Link accounts for easy family member account management.
  • Checkout and place holds for digital items all in the new catalog.
  • Rate items and get recommendations.

Explore how to use the new catalog and all of it's new features below.

Catalog FAQs

Signing In/Out

Signing In

  1. Sign In by selecting the SIGN IN button at the top right of the page.
  2. Enter your Citrus Libraries Library Card number and your PIN/Password.

    If you have forgotten your PIN or Password, click on Reset My PIN / Password then enter your library card number and email associated with your library account to reset it. Or contact your Library for more help.

Signing Out

  1. To Sign Out, click on the menu button at the top right, next to your account name (the 3 lines). In the menu dropdown, select the 'Sign Out' button at the bottom of the menu.
How to Search

Make a Basic Search

In the search bar under the menu links, enter your search terms and select the 'Search' button. To narrow down your results before searching, in the dropdowns you can select options such as a search by Title, Author, or Series.

Sort Your Results

There are several ways to narrow and refine your search results. Sort results by title author, publication year, and more.

Use the icons to select the format. Books, eBooks, and other formats.

Narrow down by the entire collection, or show only what's available now.

Save your search in the search tools dropdown. Your saved searches will appear in 'Your Searches' in your account.

Use the catagories on the left for even more options. Many options can selected at a time.

View Account Details

Access your Account Details

View details about your Library Account including current checkouts, holds, and more by selecting either your name in the top right and selecting the option you want OR within the menu (the 3 lines).

Selecting 'Your Account' will bring you to a summary of your account, with the total of your checkouts, holds, holds ready for pickup, and overdues.

Get more info on each by clicking within the menu on the left side, or the boxes under Account Summary.

How to Place a Hold

Placing a Hold

Next to the format of the item you want to place a hold on, either in search results or on the individual item's page, click the place hold button.

Digital Items can also have holds placed within Aspen Discovery in the same way.

View Your Holds

All of your holds, including digital items, can be found and managed within your account. Cancel, suspend, change your pickup location or view other items while you wait.

How to Link an Account

What is a Linked Account

Linked accounts allow you to easily maintain multiple accounts for the library from a single account. Information from linked accounts will appear when you view your checkouts, holds, etc in the main account.

This option is great for families managing multiple children's cards, caregivers, neighbors, or other situations where you need to manage multiple library cards.

How to Link an Account to Your Own

  1. Log into the catalog with your Library Card number and your PIN / Password. 
  2. Select Linked Accounts from the Account Settings dropdown within your account summary.
  3. Click 'Add an Account' and enter the Library Card number and PIN / Password of the account your want to manage. Multiple accounts can be added.
  4. Once linked, that user will appear under Additional accounts to manage. They can also be removed in this area.

    If another user is linked to your account, the user that linked to your account will appear in the 'Other accounts that can view this account' section.

    You can also disable account linking from this section.

Linked Account Notifications

Once you've linked an account, the linkee will see a notification at the top of the catalog indicting that their account has been linked to and to agree to the linking or manage linked accounts. Clicking yes will dismiss the message

How to Make and Manage a List

Making a List

Items can be added to a list by selecting the 'Add to list' button underneath an item's details in a search result.

In the window that appears, add the item to an existing list, or create a new list. You can also add a note to the item when you add it.

View Your List

You will find your Lists in your account, select 'Your Lists' from your account page to view all of your lists.

Share Your List

Your list can be shared with others by changing it from Private to Public. By default, all lists are private.

To share your list:

  1. Go to the list you want to share in your account, and select the Edit button at the top of the list.
  2. Next to the Access toggle, Click the toggle to change the list from private to public. Then click update to save.
  3. Your list is now shareable to others. Copy the URL of your list to share it.
    Those you share your list with will see a view-only version, only the list creater can edit the list.

View Linked Account Information

Checkouts for Linked Accounts

After you've linked an account to your own, you'll start to see that user's checkouts, holds, and barcode information along with your own account information.

A new field will appear when you view your checkouts, 'Checked Out To', which will show items that are checked and who they are checked out to.

A new sorting option will also appear to sort by Library Account.

Holds for Linked Accounts

A new field will appear when you view your holds, 'On Hold For', which will show items that are hold and who they are on hold for. Suspend, cancel, or change pickup location for your account and accounts linked to you from here.

View Library Card Barcode

You can view yours and any linked accounts barcode, library card number, and expirartion date in 'Your Account' in the 'Your Library Card' section.

Import Your Lists from the Old Catalog

Import your List

Your list can be imported from the previous catalog within your account.

  1. Log into the catalog with your Library Card number and your PIN / Password.
  2. Select Your Lists from your Account page.
  3. Click the 'Import from Old Catalog' button to import all of your lists.
  4. Your lists will now appear with all of your other lists.

Need More Help? Contact Your Library

Get more help by visiting our website or by contacting your Citrus Library